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A picture of 1 year old flat coat cross laying besides a 6 week old black lab

The Bitey Face Brigade

Linda Kittmer

Tammy Walsh

Michelle Lee

Kelly Hall-Baranesky

Sharon, Rhiana, Kiera and Christine

The Bitey Face Brigade is selling Calendars to raise funds for Dog Guides.  As foster families, we took on fostering puppies as a way to help out and give back to the community. As clients of Dog Guides, we sought support and greater independence through the partnership with a highly trained service dog. What none of us expected was that we would become part of an incredible family known as Dog Guides. And now, this team of fosters and grads (clients who have graduated with a Dog Guide) are working together and with your support we can help raise money to train even more Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

Linda: I can’t help falling in love with my incredible future Dog Guide foster puppies. Thankfully the pride I feel from seeing the independence and security they bring to the clients that receive them outweighs the heartbreak of having to send them off to puppy university after their first year or so of basic training with me.

Tammy: Kiwi (a.k.a. “The Fruit”) is my first Service Dog. It’s been extraordinary journey for the two of us. Kiwi is my arms when I can’t reach and my legs when I can’t step. Kiwi helps me with daily tasks like making the bed, picking things up if I drop them, and giving money or my debit card to the clerk when I can’t reach the counter to pay for items. She has also opened up my neighbourhood, and the people in it, to me. In addition to being a great companion she has also saved my life twice! Kiwi is not just my Service Dog she’s also my Superhero!

Michelle: The experience of being a first time foster parent has been,and continues to be, very rewarding. Knowing that we are playing a role in something that will help bring someone independence and hopefully improve their quality of life is heartwarming. And having the pleasure of puppy snuggles and love, day in and day out, how amazing is that!

Kelly: Sandro has been a gift to Grace and the entire family from the very first day he came home. This past Friday Grace was witness to first responders attending a victim and had a panic attack – something we’ve never seen in her. Sandro instinctively knew how to calm and ground her – just one of many great stories the two of them have.

Sharon and family:  We started fostering as a request from my daughters and one puppy led to another (the are addictive!) and our third foster (Gypsy) was selected for the breeding program.  We have had 3 litters born and raised at home – 24 puppies – at $25K each for training that means we have to raise $600,000 to pay their tuition.   You help is appreciated!

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Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides provides service dogs at no cost to Canadians with a medical or physical disability. This is achieved without any government funding.  Learn More

Calendars make great gifts.   Your family and friends will love the Calendar and will be happy to know their gift also provides independence, security, and peace of mind for not only the handler, but also for their families.

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