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A picture of 1 year old flat coat cross laying besides a 6 week old black lab

Serena Daub

Bianca Low Kum

Kaian Unwalla

Tony Whyte

Michelle/Tye Warren

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Team Chewbarka

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… 

It is a time of unrest. The world is experiencing a pandemic like no other. A brave alliance of underground freedom fighters have challenged the tyranny and oppression of the WOLFE PACK. Striking from a fortress hidden among the billions of stars in the galaxy, the rebel Chewbarkas have won their first victory selling Calendars in a battle with the Balsam Bunch. The WOLFE PACK fears that another defeat would bring a thousand more teams into the rebellion, resulting in the loss of Imperial control over being Top Dawg. To crush the rebellion once and for all the WOLFE PACK is constructing a sinister new battle station, powerful enough to outsell an entire team. Its completion spells certain doom for the Chewbarkas struggling to restore freedom to the galaxy. The Chewbarkas best defense is to raise enough money for a Dog Guide. 

Did you know that it costs $25,000 to raise a Dog Guide? When I first heard that I thought they had been mistaken. How could a little bundle of fur cost so much? But when you see how much training, veterinary care, and love goes into them – it’s easy to see why they are so expensive. Clients of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides are able to get these dogs at no cost. This includes being flown into Oakville and their accommodations when training with their new furry pal! Dog Guides has no government funding and relies on fundraising to raise the funds needed to graduate over 300 dogs every year.


Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides provides service dogs at no cost to Canadians with a medical or physical disability. This is achieved without any government funding.  Learn More

Calendars make great gifts.   Your family and friends will love the Calendar and will be happy to know their gift also provides independence, security, and peace of mind for not only the handler, but also for their families.

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You can donate directly to GreenCapes.  The puppies will thank you.

Green Capes Lions Club is a non-profit but cannot issue charitable tax receipts.  All Green Capes LC donations will be used to benefit LFC Dog Guides

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