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A picture of 1 year old flat coat cross laying besides a 6 week old black lab

Labradorable Paws for a Cause

Daniel Smith

Donna Williamson

Kaydi Pyette

Linda Sutherland

Rhonda Bakusko

Did you know that it costs $25,000 to raise a Dog Guide and there is no government support?  We are working together to raise funds for Dog Guides.

Daniel – Having been born essentially blind, had my sight restored as a young child, then lost it again as an adult, I have seen life from both the “light side” and the “dark side”.  Having my guide dog has enabled me to once again venture out into the world, and experience more of the life that I once had.  But he isn’t just my guide:  he is also my best friend.  The generosity of those who donate the funds and time to sponsor, raise and train dogs like him is the best gift I could receive.  Together, we can bring the same gift to others in need, enabling them to boldly go where everyone else can go, with a true friend at their side.

Donna – I have raised two guide dogs for the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides – one pup is a Service Dog in Saskatchewan and the other is a Diabetic Alert Dog in Sudbury. I am also proud to have puppy sat over 40 puppies for Dog Guides. While volunteering at the Dog Guides training facility in Oakville with the Service and Hearing Dog programs for the last 4 years I have been fortunate to see first hand how these dogs help their human partners have a safer and more fulfilling life.

Kaydi – Fostering three pups has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Of course, we fall head over heels in love with them, but knowing they go on to help someone achieve more independence and security makes it so worthwhile. We’re so proud of the work they do!

Linda – Fostering a future Dog Guide has to be the most rewarding volunteer job. Starting with that adorable ball of fluff right through to graduation, these dogs bring incredible joy every day. The pandemic has been hard on everyone and everything including Lions Foundation Dog Guides Canada. Your support in purchasing a calendar will help keep this amazing program up and running.

Rhonda – Fostering Melvin as a puppy to be a future Dog Guide gave me first-hand experience in the work invested to set up a puppy for school and ultimately graduate as a service dog.  It also gave me the opportunity to join an incredible community that takes pride in making a difference in the lives of Canadians with disabilities.  While Melvin was career changed, he continues to inspire me to be an active volunteer and supporter of Dog Guides of Canada.

You have the opportunity to help support Dog Guides Canada and have a cute puppy staring back at you every month!

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Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides provides service dogs at no cost to Canadians with a medical or physical disability. This is achieved without any government funding.  Learn More

Calendars make great gifts.   Your family and friends will love the Calendar and will be happy to know their gift also provides independence, security, and peace of mind for not only the handler, but also for their families.

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