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Lions Club eCommerce Setup

We are glad you will be setting up an eCommerce site to help your club sell Dog Guide Foster Puppy Calendars. Before you begin please go through this checklist and make sure you have everything ready.

If you have any questions email and we will be happy to help you.

We will use the information to set up a page that will look like the one below. It will take up to 3 days for us to get the page built. We will contact you once it is ready.

Sample eCommerce web page highlighting the areas that will be customized based on the information you provide

The greyed areas in the sample eCommerce site above are the same for everyone.

The areas that are highlighted in white are unique to your club. Your introductory paragraph will tell your customers about how you are planning to use the funds you are raising.


Before you begin make sure you have the information and image files needed - use the following checklist. If you need to get some of this info please reload the form when you are ready to start.

- Club contact information
- Names of 2 officers who approve the project
- Username for your account (we will send initial password)
- Fundraiser Title (your club or district name usually)
- Goal - how many calendars do you hope to sell
- Price you will Sell Calendars for: $18 or $20
- Email that customers can use to contact you
- Facebook page URL if you have one
- Webpage URL if you have one
- Delivery Details - delivery/pickup/both
- 3 or 4 JPEG images from your club (optional)
- One or two paragraph introduction - tell people about your club and how you will use the money you make from the calendars. (this will go in the white area highlighted to the left) the grey area is the same for all.