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A picture of 1 year old flat coat cross laying besides a 6 week old black lab

The Lab Way Team

Natalie McDonald

Sherri Dafoe

Meg Lavis

Sugandh Gupta

Sarah Wolfe

On this team, we do things the lab way!... with a little help from our Staby!

We’re a diverse team made up of both fosters and graduates of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides! We have a common passion for labs and Dog Guides.

Introducing our labs:

Linus is on COVID vacay, waiting anxiously to get back into training! He’s being fostered by Sugandh Gupta.

Elder and Balsam are both being fostered by the magnificent Meg Lavis! Elder is also on COVID vacay! Balsam is Meg’s second foster pup. They’re both excited to get to training!

Mazie is a Hearing Dog Guide, graduated December 2019 with Sherri Dafoe. Sherri has had 2 Hearing Dog Guides before Mazie: Reebok (BeaglexCollie graduated 1998) and Leo (mini poodle graduated 2012).

Lila is a Service Dog Guide, graduated June 2019 with Natalie McDonald!

And introducing our Staby (short for Stabyhoun):

Bane is an owner trained service dog for Sarah Wolfe! Sarah has also fostered 3 Future Dog Guides: Pilaf (AAD Grad), Cheers (Career Changed – Border Services Detection Dog), Lottie (Career Changed).

Why we think supporting DG is important: We have all gained a new found confidence by having an LFCDG pup by our side – whether it be a foster pup or a graduate. We see what goes into raising and training these dogs, and we know the benefit they have for the people who need them! Help us give more Canadians this confidence and a “new leash” on life!

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Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides provides service dogs at no cost to Canadians with a medical or physical disability. This is achieved without any government funding.  Learn More

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